Micro-cut-fibers applied to a flat or three-dimensional surface by electrostatic process.
Novafloor manufactures and sales PA & PES flock, with fineness between 0.3 and 50dtex and length between 0.3 and 3.5 mm, round or trilobal brilliant, semi dull and full dull. The flock is dyed in-house by color development laboratory up to industrial productions according to the requirements of each customer

In automotive interiors, furnishings, apparel have always been synonymous of high quality and comfort.
By embossing are obtained endless design and shapes in relief appreciated for style and uniqueness.
Unlimited availability of existing colors or new shades matched at customer's request.
The lamination of flocked surfaces with other materials such as tricot or foams allows you to change their performances, block or stiffen, thicken etc. ..
Either way, the flocking of high-thickness carriers (up to 3.5 mm) allows to avoid lamination, if not necessary.
The flocking of different flat carriers allows the development of technically different materials for thickness, flexibility, elasticity, deformation and mechanical properties; all share the same design surface.
In this way you can cover complex areas with different technologies that require various materials, while maintaining a LOOK uniform and of high technological value. Technical specifications of great resistance at use during the time: resistance to abrasion, light fastness, low fogging, low emissions, easy to clean, transpiration

Real hi-tech leather
designed to meet the demands of today's market following the principle of environmental protection.
Innovative material made from man-made non-woven raw microfibers inserted in the polymer matrix, with structure very similar to the natural product, finished with the tanning technology. Guarantee of strength, safety, free from harmful or toxic substances, free from heavy metals, very low emissions, low specific weight (-30% compared to the natural leather) it ensures the quality of car interior trim (steering wheel, gearbox, seats, antisqueaking etc.), furnishings, sportswear and accessories. There are two main variants of Novaleather: EcoCar (synthetic leather) & Suede (synthetic leather chamois/suede)

Flocked yarn:

Novafloor is certified ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 9001:2015